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New emergency phone number
« on: January 31, 2013, 03:37:37 pm »
As we have forewarned about previously, we are now changing the emergency telephone number (in swedish: Drift / Jour / Övervakning). If you need to get in touch with our NOC, Network Operations Center, or emergency support (only for certain customers with a subscription including emergency support - ie: if you never heard of this before, maybe you are not subsribing to this service currently and need to contact our customer service in order to add the subscription?) you as of 2013-02-01 have to use the new number that was e-mailed i early December 2012. If you are not sure if you / the right person(s) at your company have recieved this information you have to contact us now, before you need emergency or VIP support, and make sure we have all the contact information to all the persons / departments at your company that needs to recieve this information from us.

Make sure you have the new emergency telephone number. If you are not sure: contact us immediately and make sure.

This information is also available in swedish on our regular website, -> Nyheter.