Author Topic: Rules, what to do, and what NOT to do.  (Read 1269 times)

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Rules, what to do, and what NOT to do.
« on: November 05, 2012, 06:21:53 pm »
Just thought it is about time to set up some basic rules for the forum usage (and other communication channels as well)

Allways search forum, FAQ and WIKI before asking. We do have them so that we will not have to answer every question over and over.
Also, if you do have a support agreement with compartment AB, why not use it? Note that for some of our services free support might be included, limited or unlimited. For basically all of our services paid support is available. Ask your compartment sales repressentative if you do not know which support you are currently entitled to recieve and how it works.

Do not crosspost!
If you are looking for quick answers try our support first. This is probably the fastest way. Try either Forum or mailing lists. NEVER both.

Do not post just to post, if you have nothing informative to say, keep quiet. If your post gets deleted, take the hint!

Do not PM developers unless you have some really complicated issues, and allways ask nicely before filling mailboxes and other communication channels with questions, and if you got no answer it means your request was denied, keep bugging devs privately and you might find yourself the happy owner of BANS/Ignores and other nice "features".

Keep a nice tone!

Note that this is a forum ran by compartment AB, for our users and customers (and sometimes their users and/or end users) and to aid users to get the most out of their product or service. This is not the right forum to compete with compartment AB, its services or its suppliers and partners etc! Note that posting competitive offers or other information that might harm compartment AB, its brands, trademarks, services etc will not be tolerated. We provide this service to you for free, please respect our rules or simply do not use this free service.
Also using the forum to gather information about the forum users, the topics discussed or information related to these is strictly prohibited! Weather you want to harvest e-mail addresses to spam with your newsletter or collect information for a competing product etc you are not allowed to use the forum.


We don't mean to be arrogant. We just want the forum to be usable and not grow wild. We'll start deleting new threads covering already touched topics from now on. We encourage all boardadmins to do so. If your thread was dropped without notice it's because you broke one of the above rules.