Author Topic: Linux / Unix systemsadministration: copy /overwrite multiple existing files  (Read 1342 times)

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Problem: you have a number of files in a directory, now you want to overwrite all of them with one single source file.
Since the command cp (copy) only copies to one file at a time you need to invoke cp multiple times and actually do a copy (overwrite) several times, once per existing file.

In bash you can overwrite multiple (existing) files in a directory. This works in most Linux distributions and should work in most BSD's as well:

# ls | xargs -n 1 cp <source file>

what the command does is actually:

1. ls lists all files in the directory and pipes it to xargs
2. xargs runs once and copies the source file in order to overwrite the original fil.

Result: you have the same files names existing in your directory but now each file contains the contents from the source file.