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Python support webhosting!
« on: November 09, 2012, 11:36:27 am »
Many of our customers have needs for special technologies or functions such as support for programming languages that many other webhosting companies does not support.

So we get a lot of questions of this kind: "do you support this or that" etc.

Yes, we do. Usually there is no problem at all to set up a hosting account with us that supports the types of techniques that your application/software/project/webshop needs. How ever you might want to consider using a more advanced service than our regular webhosting services - speaking from experience of setting up many, many tailored hosting platforms; there is almost always a need for a more flexible service than a "shared hosting account" (ie a webhotel ( plan might not fit your short and long term demands). We recommend that you always contact us first and consider using one of our serverhosting ( where you are much more flexible and cost effective, a dedicated server ( server) for example is a more "scalable" service where you easily can add an extra development environment etc.